the Frank Training

Individualized workout plans for distances from 800 meters to the marathon, cross country and the running legs of all triathlon distances

  • The monthly training plan includes an initial one hour meeting to discuss goals, background and individual needs
  • Seasonal training plans, with weekly workouts that build toward goals
  • Training that maximizes strengths and addresses areas that need improvement
  • Cross training as part of weekly planning
  • Individualized development of racing goals and target racing schedules
  • Regular communications via email and phone to adjust training schedules and discuss progress

the Frank

For as long as I can remember, track and field and distance running has been a part of my life — as a competitive athlete, a coach, a mentor and as an advocate for the sport.
My diverse perspective has informed my approach to coaching, which keeps runners satisfied, healthy and ready to race at their peak. It is based on three primary concepts

Balance between daily life and training

The Frank Training program recognizes the realities of life — work schedules; children, family and friends; personal commitments and the challenges that come with injuries and aging. My program is designed to go beyond mileage to incorporate nutrition, stretching, cross training and rest.

Under-training is better than over-training

Most athletes are better off doing a little bit less than doing too much training. The idea is to get to the track or road fresh and ready to race. The best and smartest athletes learn, often through trial and error, to train for a few peak events a year. Frank Training will match runners with appropriate distances and training regimens.

Running is a life-long endeavor

My goal is to turn athletes into lifelong runners who remain fit and healthy and continue to enjoy the sport. I have coached runners who want to improve their already impressive racing times and beginners who have never run in a single race. I am committed to giving everyone I coach the opportunity to run and race successfully for years to come.

quote-markIt’s my honor to have spent the last 34 years as a runner on Central Park Track Club, that’s where I met Frank Handelman who was one of the founders of the club. We've been friends ever since. Since I was a new member without any knowledge about running, Frank suggested that I stop running marathons and concentrate on shorter distances and track. I give him credit for turning my running career around. And Frank gave me the opportunity to coach on a national level by hiring me at Team for Kids.

— Sid Howard

Many time world and national champion, 800 meters and mile, member of National Masters Track and Field Hall of Fame

  • $200per monthonline coaching with initial meeting and weekly plans
  • $100per hourindividual
  • 5 sessions of individual training for $400


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quote-markI have known Frank for a long time and have run countless miles with him. I have always taken his coaching advice and over the years it has clearly made me a better runner.

I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Frank Handelman if you want to improve yourself at any distance from track to the marathon. Working with Frank is a joy and a pure delight.

— George Hirsch

Chairman of the Board, New York Road Runners, former publisher, Runner's World magazine


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